Material Writing

Shag rugs were the “in” thing back in the 70s; however, they are beginning to come back in style.  One of the materials that created the furry looking type of shag rug, was originated from both the Middle East and Central Asia or from the Ancient Greek era.  Historians are still unsure on which area it actually came from.  It first, was made with goat fur (which historians also claimed went back as far as the Ancient Greek era)  but then it began to be made in newer forms of a material, such as: yarn fibers (which tends to give it more of the shaggy look), cotton, and wool; in my shaggy rug’s case, acrylic.  Although many can make shag rugs by hand, they are usually made in factories in today’s time.  I found the material at a store called Marshall’s. They have many rugs and throws; pretty much a various items for home décor.  I was redecorating my room and wanted to look for a white rug and came across a shag rug.  On the back of the rug, the company who made the rug is called Danso Shag and it is made out of 100% acrylic. The color of acrylic usually comes in a white/creamy form but now it comes in many different colors.  Acrylic tends to be hard to dye, so the color that is wanted is the color that must be bought.  Not only does the acrylic material come in the form of rugs, but also pillows, throws, carpet, chairs, and many other items.  For the non-western cultures, they use acrylic for art in the type of paint that they use because it can also be in the form of powder.




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